The service provided to the CLIENT by the CONSULTANT is coaching, as designed jointly with the CLIENT. Payment is due prior to the first CONSULTANT appointment and no refund is available after the commencement of the CONSULTANT process. The CONSULTANT promises that all information provided by the CLIENT will be kept strictly confidential. The CLIENT understands that coaching is not advice, psychotherapy or counselling and those professional referrals will be given, if needed. The CLIENT enters into coaching with the understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results. Throughout our coaching partnership, the CONSULTANT will engage in very direct and personal conversations with the CLIENT, which will include asking explicit questions and making direct requests.

The purpose of these interactions is to remind the CLIENT of his/her own intentions and CONSULTANT him/her to realize them. In order for our coaching partnership to achieve the maximum result, the CONSULTANT asks that the CLIENT agree to the following:

1) Please make all appointments and calls on time. If you know you will be late, call or email ahead of time to all members of the program and advice. If you must miss a session, 48- hour notice is required to reschedule.

2) Be honest and participate fully. Recognize that our sessions are a safe place to look at what you really want, and what it will take to make it happen.

3) Make a commitment to completing your all assignments and to the action plans you create, and do what you have agreed to do.

4) Understand that the power of the coaching partnership can only be granted by you, and commit to making the relationship powerful. If you see that the coaching is not working as you desire, communicate and take action to return the power to the partnership.

5) Coaching and program fees are collected prior to beginning the coaching/facilitation program. No Refunds. Due to the nature of the Program you cannot receive a refund for a Program or any component event regardless of whether you attend the event or not within 30-days of the start date. All funds will be deemed earned by CONSULTANT as soon as they are received by CONSULTANT.